Almost Free Russian course in Moscow

Almost Free Russian courses in Moscow!  Learn Russian at the rate of cup of coffee!

Dear friends,
We would like to inform you that you can study Russian language with us – we are qualified teachers graduated from Pushkin State Institute of Russian language. It’s almost free!

This Russian course is free  (you pay nothing to us) but we have to pay for a rent where our classes take place, that’s why we are kindly ask you to pay 250 rub ( it’s 3,3 Eur) – the average price for a cup of double cappuccino in Moscow

We offer the following:

  • Learning Russian language in a cosy and  friendly atmosphere
  • Free hot coffee, tea and cookies
  • Individualized approaches tailored to all levels
  • Well-equipped modern classrooms
  • Free teaching materials
  • Free Wi-Fi

Our School is located in a picturesque area, on Sretenka str. only few minutes walk  from 3 metro stations:  Turgenevskaya ( yellow line) Sretenskiy bulvar ( green line) and Chystyje  prudy ( red line)

Join us! It’s Almost Free Russian course in Moscow!

Now you can join the following groups:
11.30  A2 level group
13.15  A1 level group ( beginners) 

11.15  A1 level group ( beginners) 


If you'd like to join -  we are kindly ask you to enroll via email:

Find us in Facebook  or in VK

-Write your name

- Your approximate level  (just write few words about your level – you are complete beginner, you know alphabet, or you know a little bit grammar) 

If you want to learn Russian individually online  -  we can offer you  Skype classes via Skype. 


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