6 dishes that you must try while in St. Petersburg

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Find out where to try fried smelt, delicious meat pies and the most doughnutty doughnuts in the city.
"When does smelt spawning season start?" - you might hear residents of St. Petersburg ask each other every spring. This tasty fish can also be found in the Russian Far East, but it is only in St. Petersburg that its appearance marks the arrival of spring.

3 dishes that Russian Orthodox Christians make for Easter

russian easter pastry

The principal dishes on the Easter table are blessed in church: painted eggs; paskha made with curd cheese; and kulich, the Orthodox Easter cake.

Few people today remember that well-to-do believers in Old Russia once served 48 dishes - to match the number of days of the Lenten fast.

7 Russian wonders that you absolutely must see

7 Russian wonders that you absolutely must see
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Russia is a country unlike any other and its unique lanscapes and buildings bear testament to the country’s fascinating history. Many of these sites are hard to reach, but after arriving you won’t have any regrets.

‘The northernmost African' blogs from Russia’s Far East

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He raises three children, teaches Chinese, and blogs – all in record-breaking low temperatures.
Mark Babatunde from Nigeria never thought he would one day be living in a Russian town of fewer than 10,000 people. He dreaded how the locals eat raw meat, and temperatures falling to -50C. Yet, he settled there, found a teaching job, and launched his YouTube channel about life in Yakutia.

6 Moscow train stations that are temples of art, architecture and history

Since the late 19th century Moscow has been the center of Russia’s vast railroad network, and the history of the city’s main train stations, mostly built around the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, has been closely interwoven with that of the country’s development. 

Here’s a look at some of Moscow’s most iconic train stations.

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free study in russia
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