Russian street food КРОШКА-КАРТОШКА: Giant jacket potato with everything you want inside

Крошка - Картошка!
 The  widespread dish is the legendary baked potato with cheese, meat, and many other toppings. (mmm... with mushrooms is my favourite).

Sochnik: the symbol of Soviet school canteens or cheesecake a-la russe

Have you ever tried Russian sochnik
Sochniki is a popular pastry, supposedly a kind of Soviet-Russian specialty. However, the taste of sochniki somehow reminds one of cheesecake: cream cheese stuffing combined with a shortcrust pastry dough.

7 reasons why you should never learn Russian

Warning: Don’t study Russian unless you are 100% sure. It will turn your world upside down!

1. The world of Russian literature will capture you

At first reading the works of great Russian writers in the original will seem like a good idea, but one book after another you will find yourself drawn deeper and deeper into the world of Russian classics. You will get further into the philosophical journey of writers like Tolstoy and Dostoyevsky and with time occupy yourself with the same life and death questions and annoy your friends and family with the ideas of Russian authors. Escaping this abyss will be impossible!

С 8 марта or Happy Women's Day!

Women's Day

Dear Ladies!  Happy Women's Day! 

Women’s Day is a much bigger deal than Valentine’s Day in Russia. This has been the case ever since women gained suffrage in 1917. This means that single men are not exempt from buying flowers as their female friends, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers must also be acknowledged, alongside partners. 

Brightly colored tulips and mimosas are the best flowers to give on Women’s Day, as they signify the start of spring. This will brighten up anyone’s day.

On March 8, every Russian lady expects flowers, but there are some strict rules when it comes to choosing what to buy.

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Winter Moscow

All Moscow cowered in snow and ice: Kremlin, Red square, Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, St. Basil's Cathedral, Moscow city, Old city center, Gorky park, Novodevichiy monastery and much more.

All flights performed in a cold weather -10C to -20C. Enjoy ;)