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Dear friends and Russian language learners! 

Let me tell you about the new app to study Russian language. 

The International Association of Teachers of Russian Language and Literature, with the support of the Ministry for Education of the Russian Federation, has released a free mobile application for learning Russian as a foreign language.

The course strictly reflects the official criteria for levels A1-A2 and consists of three sections:

- Introduction and phonetics
- Elementary level (A1) with its communicative templates, vocabulary, and grammar
- Basic level (A2) aiming to further advancement in learning Russian as a foreign language.

The application is currently available for Android in Google Play Market.

 The iOS version is coming soon.

If you want to study Russian language with experienced teacher via Skype - just enroll the class and contact the teacher! 

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  1. Thanks, nice tips and info on your site 👍🪆🙂 will see if anything else turns up



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