Who wants to study in Russia or learn Russian in Russia for FREE?

free study in russia
If you want to study in Russia  - you are very welcome! 

Now it is opened the acceptance of documents from foreign citizens and Russian expatriates for free education at Russian universities for 2019 academic year.
456 Russian universities are involved in this program. School leavers can choose any training programs, bachelor's and specialist's degree programs. 
University-educated candidates can go onto further study in Master's degree programme, postgraduate training program and residency training. 
Additional education programs are also available: for example, courses for foreign teachers of Russian, professional development programs and occupational retraining.
Applications for education within the quota are accepted and processed free.
The Russian Federation allocates 15,000 quotas for foreign citizens annually. These quotas allow receiving free education during the entire period of study. Also, the state program covers teaching Russian on pre-university courses. Within the program, you will get a place in a dormitory and receive scholarship allowance.
All information about the courses and admission you can find on the page Russia.study 
You can choose your language ( in the right corner) - there many languages for your convenience.

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