Natalia Oreiro - United by Love (Russia FIFA 2018)

Just five days before the start of the World Cup, the Uruguayan actress and singer Natalia Oreiro presented the official video clip for her new song "United by love", dedicated to the 2018 Russian Football World Cup, which talks about peace, love and the importance of uniting all people . Natalia sings Spanish, English and Russian.

The video was shot in the area where the actress El Cerro was born, in Montevideo, and Oriental Films was directed by Pucho Mentasti. The director of the artistic part was Adriana Maestri (Adriana Maestri). The dance part was answered by the Argentine choreographer Valeria Narvaez (Valeria Narváez).

The video clip shows a colorful combination of dance, flags, music, candomb and flowers, and Natalia appears in a typical Russian costume with flags of different countries. An incredible costume, based on a fairy tale about the Russian princess Vasilisa, was designed by Pucho Mentasti himself and performed by Manuel González.


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  3. Famous Uruguayan pop star Natalia Oreiro has released the music video of her new song “United By Love” - which is dedicated to the World Cup. There’s one big surprise though: As well as belting out the tune in English and Spanish, she also sings in Russian. What’s more, she sports Russia’s national headdress called a kokoshnik.



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