С 8 марта or Happy Women's Day!

Women's Day

Dear Ladies!  Happy Women's Day! 

Women’s Day is a much bigger deal than Valentine’s Day in Russia. This has been the case ever since women gained suffrage in 1917. This means that single men are not exempt from buying flowers as their female friends, mothers, sisters, and grandmothers must also be acknowledged, alongside partners. 

Brightly colored tulips and mimosas are the best flowers to give on Women’s Day, as they signify the start of spring. This will brighten up anyone’s day.

On March 8, every Russian lady expects flowers, but there are some strict rules when it comes to choosing what to buy.
A wannabe Casanova carrying any old chrysanthemums won’t cut the mustard.
Give her an odd number of flowers!
This one is very important. Generally, the more flowers you give, the better, but this only applies to odd numbers. It’s an age-old superstition in Russia that you must only give someone an even number of flowers at a funeral, so giving an even number could be a very bad omen indeed. 


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