New FREE course about public policy in Russia

If you are interested in Russia, its politics and public policy - you welcome to the absolutely free 6-weeks course
" Political Governance and Public Policy in Russia" by Saint-Petersburg State University.
The course is aimed at those who want to gain systematic knowledge of politics in Russia, as well as those who are focused on studying Russia's political development in complex and uncertain contexts.
You can get the certificate after this course!

The course is designed to study the features of the political structure of modern Russia.
It contains both general information on the institutional, procedural and value components of the political system and public policy in Russia, as well as a description of the problems, contradictions and prospects for the political development of the country. The course contains three main modules:
1) the political system and regime in Russia: state institutions, political parties, civil society;
2) the public policy process in Russia: the mechanisms for elaborating, adopting and implementing policies and decisions;
3) directions and problems of economic and social policy in Russia: development based on stabilization.

Studying the course students can choose the level of the course (general or in-depth), focusing on video material, information, discussions, forums, evaluations and interactive communication with teachers.
The advanced level of the course development assumes the active participation of students in discussions, forums and project assignments.
The overall mission of the course is to develop students' objective political knowledge about Russia and their ability to make critical scientific analysis and assessment.

Click here if you want to enroll or to find all additional information about this course.

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