FREE Russian B1 course from Siberian University

Dear friends and Russian language learners!

If you are a student of B1 level you can join free course of Russian language created in Siberia at Tomsk University.
 The course is free and starts tomorrow (Dec 11) on Coursera. 

The name of the course is "Зарисовки о Сибири" (The sketches about Siberia)

  The course will give answers to the questions about Siberia that are frequently asked by foreigners:

  • What is it rich in? 
  • What its nature and climate conditions? 
  • What people live here and what do they do?
  • How is a Siberian town or a village organized? 
  • What nationalities live on the territory of Tomsk and Tomsk region? 
  • How national traditions are maintained? 
  • How the wooden architecture is being preserved? 
  • What Tomsk students took part at the Olympic games?

- This course will provide learners with an opportunity to practice different types of speech activity in Russian (listening, reading, and writing);

You will enrich their vocabulary with lexical units that are not typical in manuals “Russian as a foreign language”; to improve their grammar skills.
On completing the course the learners will be able to use their knowledge about Siberia in such subjects as the history of Russia, Russian language and area studies, and Russian culture.

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