Russian historical blockbuster Viking sold to over 60 countries

Have you seen new Russian  film "Викинг"?

The epic Russian blockbuster screened in 2,600 Russian movie theaters and in three Baltic states chalked up $6.7 million in ticket sales over the past weekend.
‘Viking’ starring Danila Kozlovsky tells the story of Prince Vladimir the Great who converted Russia to Christianity in 988. The film was released on December 29.

The film’s production took seven years and "was very costly," Ernst said.
"We wanted to make a film rival with Hollywood. And we happy that many viewers appreciated this," he added.
Meanwhile, Maksimov said ‘Viking’ is not just a historical blockbuster.
"It’s about all of us, about the rules of life that we choose and how our personal choice becomes part of our common history," he said.
Russian President Vladimir Putin who saw the film last week said ‘Viking’ is "certainly interesting". "I’ll watch it once again with pleasure," he said.

Source:  RBTH

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