Learn & Go - Free App to practice verbs of motion on the go!

My dear friends , followers and Russian language  learners!   

I would like to inform you that my App «Learn&Go» has been published by Google and Apple! 

Welcome to «Learn&Go» – with this app you can learn and practice Russian verbs of motion on the go!  

Learn & Go - free app to learn and practice Russian verbs of motion

This app was designed as part of my thesis at Moscow State University and aimed at those who study Russian language and want to practice Russian verbs of motion - one of the most interesting topics of Russian  grammar.  

  • This app allows students to explore different prefixes and covers  elementary and basic levels of language.
  • The app is built on the principle of from simple to complex. 

  • Tasks begin with verbs of motion without prefixes, and then gradually introduce new prefixes, thereby tasks become more complicated. 

If you have any questions about this app, it’s development or you have discovered a spelling mistake or something that works wrong, please contact me.  
Leave your email address please if you want to receive an answer. 

I will be very thankful to you if you can rate it in Google Play market and App Store.

I hope this app will help you to improve your language skills and  will make it easier!  

Best wishes,  


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