Coffee: to change or not to change the gender?

coffee in russian

«To be honest, I wanted to change my gender long time ago»

The Russian word «кофе»  из the problem word in Russian language.  

Do you know why?

This is the problem word because according to the grammar, all nouns with -E  ending are neutral. (ОНО)  (like  море, солнце etc.)    (this is why in the phrase written on the picture there is the ending -о (хотело)  for coffee)  

But inspire of  the ending -Е in the word «кофе» - coffee is an exception and it is «ОН»  (masculine). 

Anyway people  often consider it to be the neutral word and often use the pronoun «оно» and  adjectives  with neutral endings speaking about coffee. 

Don’t forget and always use masculine endings speaking about coffee. 

  • Чёрный  кофе со сливками.
  • Вкусный горячий кофе. 
  • Чёрный сладкий кофе с молоком. 

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