So different Russia

Russia. The Kola Peninsula
13 Beautiful photos of Russia.

Altay mountains. Russia
Wild horses in Altay mountains. Russia

Altay mountains. Russia
Altay mountains. 

russia Tambov region.
Tambov region. 

russian regions Archanglesk.
The region of Archanglesk.
Watch the video (in English) about this place.

Karelia. russia
The island of Kizhi. Karelia. 

russian kolomna
The city of Kolomna. Moscow region

russian lake baikal
The deepest lake in the world - Baikal.

russian mountain elbrus
The highest peak of Russia - mountain Elbrus.

russian city murmansk
Murmansk region.

russian city pskov
Russian city Pskov

Saint-Petersburg. Russia
Saint-Petersburg. Russia

russian Kamchatka
The volcano in the region of Kamchatka.


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