Russian via Skype

Russian via Skype 
Russian via Skype
Hello! Привет! :)
My name is Olia and I'm a qualified and highly experienced Russian language teacher (native speaker)
I give private lessons for individual, paired, or small-group learners in St. Petersburg or via Skype.

- Active learning of grammar, an extensive conversation practice.
- Creative tasks that will make language learning fun and interesting.
- You will quickly  improve your pronunciation, grammar, speaking, reading, writing and conversational skills.

 I select a training program individually for every student depending on their level, interests, and goals.

 Whether you are learning for personal or business reasons, your lessons will incorporate your individual needs and learning goals into your personalized syllabus.

Russian language via skype
Russian language via skype

Russian via Skype: Advantages

  • Free first lesson 
  • All materials are included 
  • Newest materials and technologies 
  • Affordable prices 
  • Convenient booking and payment system 

 Russian via Skype – is very simple and enjoyable way of learning Russian from your country, from your home, office or even hotel!

 I hope, you will find this way of learning effective, convenient, and, most importantly, fun.

 I like to make my lessons fun and enjoyable for all age ranges and I make each lesson unique depending on the skill level of each student. I look forward to teaching you Russian, my native language! Just message me!
skype lessons  russian language
skype lessons  russian language 

Russian via Skype: prices

The first lesson is free.

 Each lesson lasts 60 or 90 minutes, they are always individual and usually include:

  1. New vocabulary 
  2. Reading practice 
  3. Conversation practice 
  4. Grammar explanations
  5.  Exercises 

 1 lesson via Skype 60 min – 16 eur
 1 lesson via Skype 90 min - 23 eur

 One-to One lesson (In St. Petersburg) 90 min – 40 eur

 If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me in Facebook or  on my  VK page  or just  find me in skype:  lingva(dot)media

 Enjoy the freedom of learning Russian via Skype–when you want, where you want!

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