А вы сдали свои хвосты?

Сдать/ сдавать хвосты

 This Russian idiom literally means «to give your tails» - and denotes the following:

- to pass an exam again, because it was not passed before
- or to pass all exams that you have to pass, to write all the papers that you have to write, to read all the books that you have to read and everything that you have to during your studies.

 Usually this phrase is used by students and teachers.

 Probably in English that means: to take/to do retakes (if you have better ideas- feel free to comment on)

 For example:
 1) Всем студентам нужно срочно сдать хвосты.
 2) У меня осталось два хвоста.
 3) Сдать хвост по математике.

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