Russian word of the year 2015

Russian word of the year.

1 day left of 2015 and I think it’s time to  talk about Russian word of the year. 

 There are four nominations:  «The word of the year», «The phrase of the year», «Anti-language», «The modernism of the year»

Russian word of the year 2016

The noun «беженцы»  (refugees)  became the word of the year 2016. 

It is interesting to know top 5 of words in еры category. 

  • "санкции/антисанкции"  ( sanctions/anti-sanctions)
  • «война»  (war)
  • "терроризм"  (terrorism)
  • обращение-мем «Карл" ( mem Carl) 

The phrase of the year
In this nomination the phrase "Немцов мост» (the bridge of Nemtsov)  won.  This phrase became the second name of the  Большой Москворецкий мост  ( on of the central bridges in Moscow)   where  Boris Nemtsov was killed.  

Top 5 of phrases in this category: 

  • образование ИГИЛ  (formation of ISIS)
  •  "атмосфера ненависти» (the atmosphere of hate) 
  •  "Бессмертный полк"  (the  Immortal Regiment) 
  •  "Минские договоренности»  ( Minsk agreements) 


In this nomination the dirty-phrase "Обама чмо" won. 
This phrase  became the symbol of attitude of Russian people towards everything foreign. 

Top 5 words/phrases in this category were:

  • «ватник»  (cotton wadded jacket)
  •  "вашингтонский обком»  (Washington «obkom» - obkom- is the abbreviation  of Regional Committee  during the Soviet times)
  • "иноагент"   (abbreviation of «иностранный агент» foreign  agent) 
  • «наши западные партнеры» (our western partners) 

The main word- neologism of the year was invented by the writer Andrey Desnitsky) and this phrase is "бессмертный барак»  ( The Immortal Barracks)

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