How to improve your Russian pronunciation?

How to improve your Russian pronunciation?

7 sites to improve your Russian pronunciation for free.

Whether you’ve been speaking it for your entire life, or you’re just now learning for the first time, correct pronunciation of the Russian (or any other) language is very important.

If you happen to know where some of your weaknesses lie in your pronunciation, and would like improve upon them, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Polishing the way you speak can help in countless ways, not least of all, your confidence, and can also help your chances of getting a job, landing a date, and just generally make you sound intelligent and refined. 

Here are the list of 7 links that can help you to improve your Russian pronunciation and learn how to pronounce Russian correctly.

1) First of all, you can listen to podcasts, some of them have Russian pronunciation lessons. For example you can watch video and practice your Russian with  Russianpod101

2) The professor of Masarika University in Brno Irina Hobzova published very helpful material about Russian pronunciation.  Theory and a lot of  practical exercises with audio are available for you for free. 

3) Reed College offers you a very useful Russian Pronunciation Guide.  Besides the theory about Russian phonetics system, there you can find a lot of useful links and lists of literature that can be helpful for you.

4) The next video is by Gabriel Wyner. On his youtube channel you can find three-part series on Russian pronunciation. The goal is to quickly familiarize you with the sounds of Russian and the IPA symbols for those sounds. You'll then be able to learn them faster, either through your own studies or through his pronunciation trainers. 

5 ) On the page of Russian language department of Moscow State University you can find all information and all the theory about Russian phonetics. I think that this page suits only for advanced learners. 

6) Master Russian offers you  Russian pronunciation grammar rules, articles about Russian vowels and consonants, Russian tongue twisters ( which is very helpful method for pronunciation improving) 

7) The other way to improve your Russian phonetics and diction is to watch specialized videos for Russian speakers, actors, lecturers.  There 
are a million pronunciation videos posted on Youtube.  
You can find these videos using in search such phrases as:  упражнения для дикторов, упражнения для дикции, сценическая речь, развитие дикции. 

Hope all that recourses will help you to improve your Russian pronunciation and you’ll speak as Russian native speaker as soon as possible. 

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