How to invent a new verb from Russian soup?

tricks of russian language

Борщ пересолила
С солью переборщила

Борщ (borsch as you know- Russian traditional soup from beetroot, cabbage, carrot and mix of other vegetables) 

"Пересолить"  (соль- salt) means «to oversalt» 
  • Пересолить  (что?)  суп, кашу, рис, борщ, картошку etc. 
By analogy with the verb «to oversalt»  the Russian verb "переборщить"  (like «to overborsch») was invented.
This verb can be translated as:  to overdo,  to go overboard, to go too far, to overdose. 
  • Переборщить (с чем?) с солью, с лестью, с вопросами, с упражнениями etc. ( not only speaking about the food) 
So the trick is that you can not  use the verb «overborsch»  speaking about the borsch, you just can only to oversalt it. 

But you can use this verb for the salt and you can say «с солью переборщила» 

As a result the phrases  "борщ пересолила" and "c солью переборщила"  have the same meaning.

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