Russian prepositions of place

Russian prepositions of place

Here are some  grammar and vocabulary examples:

В  (in) + Prepositional Case
Ex:  В столе  (in the table)

На  (on) + Prepositional Case
Книга на столе  (A book is on the table)

Под   (under) + Instrumental case
Кот под столом (Cat is under the table)

За  (behind)+ Instrumental case
Кот за столом (Cat is behind the table)

Перед  (in front of) + Instrumental case
Сад перед домом  (Garden is in front of the house)

Над  (above) + Instrumental case
Картина над кроватью  (A picture is above the bed)

Внизу  (below) + Genetive case
Внизу страницы  (At the foot of the page)

Между  (between) + Instrumental case
Между нами (between us)

Около  (near, next to) + Genetive case
Остановка автобуса находится около дома ( Bus stop is near the house

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