What does it mean?

Yesterday, I when I was going home in the evening – I saw this place. '
I was heavily confused. 

If some days ago one of my students would ask me what does “дайнер” mean I would consider him a bit crazy. 

Anyway, here it is: the strange and ugly word “дайнер” in the centre of Moscow. I don’t know even how to translate it. I didn’t know that this kind of word could exist in my language.  Believe me, there isn’t such word in Russian language.

Probably the owners of this café wanted to be very very extraordinary,that every person passing by this place would  ask himself what does this word mean. You can make an interview and  ask people on the streets – I’m sure, nobody knows. 

It’s turned out that “дайнер”  means “diner” . More than that, it’s a Soviet diner. 

 It’s seems to me that “diners” are only in the United States, aren’t they?  I haven’t seen any diner in the UK

I think that you shouldn’t know this “Russian word” because we have a plenty of brilliant words, when you are speaking about different kinds of places to eat:  кафе, ресторан, столовая, трактир, забегаловка, бистро, буфет, закусочная, кофейня etc.

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