Russian personal pronouns

Russian personal pronouns
Russian personal pronouns
The personal pronouns in Russian are arguably the easiest to learn.

There are two words of “you” in Russian: ты and вы

1) ТЫ: is used when speaking to friends, children, family members.

2) ВЫ: 1) is used for respect and politeness, addressing to unknown people. (Note, that when Вы is used politely to address one person, the verb that accompany it is in the plural).  Вы is also   used addressing more than 1 person

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How to learn Russian personal pronouns?

Personal pronouns can stand in place of a noun to indicate who or what is involved in an action.

  • Он is used for masculine nouns 
  • Она is used for feminine nouns 
  • Оно is used for neuter nouns 

In the use of pronouns there is no distinction between animate and inanimate nouns. For example:

 Это мой брат. Он очень добрый.
 This is my  brother. He is very kind.

 Это моя новая машина. Она совсем новая.
This my car. It is quite new.  ( The Russian word "car" - is feminine, that's why we use " она".

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 In Russian language there is no special word order for pronouns within a sentence - you can put the pronoun in any place in the sentence, but use the correct form of declension.

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